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Our diverse group of artists specialize in full hot towel shaves and haircut services for men and women. Every team member is fully trained and continue their education every year.

Danny G


What inspired you to join the barber life?
I was in need of fast money, but before I knew it, it became a passion. Coming from my experience as a graffiti artist and graphic designer, I decided to attend barbering school. My inspiration came from the desire to not limit myself creatively. I love being able to change a person's appearance using a haircut and having them come back to tell me their amazing stories about their new looks.

What was your first experience with actually cutting hair?
I would say my hair. Seeing my barber cut my hair, I figured I could do it too. Man, was I wrong! Few days after getting a haircut I thought I'd give it a try. It shouldn't be that hard, right? Not knowing anything about cutting hair or how to use a clipper I went from having a full head of hair to not having any. It's one of those haircuts I'll never forget!

What is your specialty?
I enjoy challenging myself by creating a unique image for the unique individual. Having my guest sit in my antique barber's chair and trusting me enough to create something different. Something that fits their daily lifestyle but also changes things up and encourages my guest to try something new.

What are your hobbies outside the studio?
I like to face new fears and challenge myself, whether it's with family, friends, or on an independent journey. Learning something new, pushing myself to the edge, or anything that gets my heart to skip a beat!

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