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Our team offers the full barber experience, complete with something to watch and a complimentary drink. From haircuts and shaves to styling, we'll get you cleaned up. Please note, prices do vary depending on artist/barber and are subject to change at any time.


Men's Haircut

The full barber experience and a customized service to fit your needs. Hot towel neck shave can be added upon request.

Prices vary by artist/barber.


Full Hot Towel Shave

Relax with our exclusive hot towel shave. We start with a hot towel to open the pores and cleanse away dirt or natural oils. Followed by a pre-shaving oil to help protect the skin and allow the blade to glide with less irritation to the skin. We then use a straight razor or safety razor to shave. A second hot towel will be applied to cleanse the face of any product and re-open pores to prep for the rub, an invigorating splash, also used as after shave to cleanse pores. Finishing with a cold towel applied to close pores that leaves a soft, clean, and cool feeling.

Prices vary by artist/barber.


Eyebrow and Beard detailing at AOF Hair Studio - West Covina

Beard Detailing

Detailing of the beard, mustache, and lower face.

Prices vary by artist/barber.

Eyebrow and Beard detailing at AOF Hair Studio - West Covina


Razor detailing of the eyebrow area.

Prices vary by artist/barber.

Razor designs by expert Razor Artists at AOF Hair Studio - West Covina


Custom design by our razor artists.

Prices vary by artist/barber.

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